14/02/2017 1:41 PM AEDT | Updated 14/02/2017 1:42 PM AEDT

Don't Pity People Who Are Single On Valentine's Day

It's possible to be happily single. Really.

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We don't all hate V-day with a passion.

Why do people in relationships assume that everyone else wants to be in one as well?

When I was single I had a great time. The absolute worst thing about it, though, was feeling like I had to justify it to all my coupled up friends, and Valentines Day only makes it worse for people on their own.

People complain about the Hallmark holidaybeing too commercialised and some singles feel like the world is rubbing it in, but I remember cringing during conversations when friends felt sorry for me. I was great.

Those annoying yet overly common responses like "It'll happen when you least expect it" or "it's 'cause you've got high standards" are annoying enough when you're looking for someone, but even more irritating and frustrating when you're not.

A friend once strangely joked, "well at least I've got a girlfriend" and I just laughed remembering the previous night when I fell asleep laying in the middle of the bed with the fan on while the cricket blared from the TV. #Living

When a guy says he likes being single...

When a guy says they enjoy being single, he's called a player and it's assumed he's texting 10 different girls. But in reality, single guys appreciate not having to make that awkward decision between heading out with the boys or staying in with the girl. Living autonomously and spending guilt free hours on the Xbox is the best and not something to feel sad about.

When a girl says she likes being single...

When a girl enjoys being single, they're supposedly career crazy and probably hate all children.

However, many women love the compromise-free lifestyle, taking pride in their independence and enjoying not sharing a bed and bathroom with us sweaty and smelly men.

If someone's alone and they don't want to be, by all means support them. But don't automatically pity them because they're riding solo.

Singles, while Valentine's Day may seem like an awkward day fielding questions and people giving you pity you don't want, just remember you're living an awesome life where you can be spontaneous, travel, save money and not be a "slave to the man on yet another commercial holiday".

You might not have the freedom and luxury of being single forever, so enjoy it while you can.


Ryan Jon is currently in a relationship and is now awkwardly justifying the writing of this article to his partner Brigitte.

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