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"I don’t really give a f**k because I’m getting paid money for it," says the "Game of Thrones" star in a clip that's going viral.
The new app, based on your 'close friends' list, will begin to roll out globally this week.
The Facebook CEO singled out the 2020 Democratic contender, who has called for the breakup of tech giants.
Subtle Asian Traits, founded by a group of Australian students, has become a worldwide phenomenon, helping its members figure out their Asian identities.
The social networking company had been cutting public figures slack in policing their posts.
The rapid spread of technology that can essentially bend our digital reality has alarmed experts worldwide.
Mark Zuckerberg’s power is "unprecedented and un-American,” Chris Hughes wrote.
It’s a real-life version of one of the most feared monsters in horror fiction... only smaller. A lot smaller. On Wednesday
After unveiling a credit card, news subscription service, long-awaited streaming-video product and a handful of star-studded
After decades in storage, the Apple IIe and its floppy disks still work.