They told HuffPost Australia they have either cancelled or rebooked their flights over what Amnesty International called “a gross breach” of human rights.
The new campaign features tourists visiting sites in the central Asian nation and saying, you can probably guess, “Very nice.”
You can't go on a vacation, but you can watch these travel shows on Netflix.
An instant noodle cup and a can of Coke was served as lunch to a customer who paid for a $2,500 ticket.
Video shows a man choking another passenger who refused to wear a mask.
"We may well extend this," Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack said.
Australians have been left fuming by the government’s massive privacy breach.
“It is possible,” the NZ prime minster said as conversations around the much-hyped trans-Tasman travel bubble make a comeback.
The finalists and other contestants documented their getaways before the COVID-19 pandemic.