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Adrian Pokorny Doctor and father, not in that order

How I Stopped Losing Sleep Over My Insomnia

Yellow Dog Productions
Sleep deprivation has to be one of the most damaging things about new parenthood. When your average nocturnal respite lasts a total of two hours, nothing in the world seems worthwhile.

A Letter To The Boy Who Gave Me A Compliment 20 Years Ago

Hill Street Studios
You were a skater, I think. You grew your hair down past your collar, Kurt Cobain style, and wore a tight, beaded necklace like a pro surfer. You got into trouble a lot, but you weren't malicious, just distracted. I was a part-time introvert and a full-time nerd.

Jean Flynn Freelance writer

My Kids Will Not Be iKids

Yellow Dog Productions
Between all this technology and our over-structured, hectic lifestyles it's hard to find time to let kids be kids. How do we get the balance right?

Katie Ahmed Mum, wife and lover of coffee who longs for the day we can all get along

When A Man Snaps...

Stuart Spence
This week's photions include more reasons to fear machines, some nature-strip business and a new method of exterminating weeds.

When A Man Snaps Publisher of photions... photographs with captions

The Five Most Common Exercise Mistakes

Exercise, in some form or another, should be a part of our day-to-day lives. But, with so many apps and internet programmes available, we don’t always seek out professional guidance or advice and that’s when mistakes can happen.

Jo Hartley Freelance writer for Open Colleges

Why Your Partner Says No To Sex

Getty Creative
Differences in sexual wants and needs is one reason to say no. There are, however, other reasons why someone says no to sex.

Sandra Pertot Clinical psychologist, sex therapist, writer, wife, mother

We Should Remove The Word 'Slut' From Our Vocabulary

Corbis via Getty Images
Who actually determines how many sexual partners a woman can have before she is labeled a "slut"? And why is it such a bad thing for a woman to have multiple sexual partners? The stigma and guilt associated with sex needs to be removed as it is just another area in which women are held back and labeled.

Melanie Sheppard Australian Writer and Blogger

Eco-Hypocrites Need To Wake Up And Smell The Organic Coffee

Getty Images/iStockphoto
We’re drowning in eco-wash. I’d be pleased about this state of affairs, except that regularly I observe moments of earnest environmental engagement that get it so selfishly, blindingly, egoically wrong. Dangerously so.

Sarah Wilson New York Times best-selling author, compulsive hiker, entrepreneur and founder of I Quit Sugar

I Didn't Realise I'd lost My Virginity

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For a very long time, I thought I was 18 when I lost my virginity. It turns out I was 15. Do not be horrified. In both cases it was consensual and no drugs or alcohol were involved. It's just that I really lost my virginity to another woman.

Laura Henning Writer of quirky black comedy

The Day My Zombie Dream Came True

Cathy Anderson
The hardest part was actually trying to look angry and threatening; no one is scared by a happy, smiling zombie. After a few trials, we were off; a terrifying horde of infected charging towards their next meal.

Andrea Beattie Small Business Writer, HuffPost Australia

4 Stress-Free Ways To Travel With Kids On Planes

Elisabeth Schmitt
Kids on planes can be such babies sometimes. Kicking chairs, screaming out, throwing up... It's almost like they're immature, inexperienced human beings who have no concern for a passenger's right to have complete silence on a flight. Are you sensing my sarcasm?

Heather Greenwood Davis Travel Columnist

The Only Thing I Want Under The Knife Is My Dinner

Marco Baass
For the first five years of childrearing, I was sleep deprived. My eyes puffed and were hard to keep open. After five years, we all slept through. And it didn’t take long for the rumours to start. “Can’t help noticing how young you look! Did you change your face cream? Or did you see someone?”

Jenny Goodrick Physiotherapist, freelance columnist, over 50 and still struggling with the juggling

Ryan Lochte Lied. So What Does That Mean To The Rest Of Us?

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Ryan Lochte's lie shows us that often, lying just makes things worse. If we mess up, it's better to just admit it and take the consequences like a grown-up. If we lie to avoid getting into trouble, we can make a lot more trouble for ourselves, in the long run.

Marcia Sirota Author, speaker, coach and MD

Anorexia Had Me Eating Out Of Its Hand For 15 Years

Getty Images/Westend61
For more than 15 years of my life I battled with this double-edged sword. On the one hand, I felt disgusted to be labelled an Anorexic (what a pathetic waste of space). Yet there was a part of me that harboured a perverse pleasure at being skinny enough to garner the label.

Millie Thomas Passionate, creative, motivated world traveller and fighter, determined to make the world a bit brighter

It's 2016: All Parents Must Be Social Media Gurus

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Just when we'd gotten our heads around having to talk to our kids about hard core porn before they even start high school, we now have to help them navigate the world of self-publishing from the 'safety' of their own bedrooms.

Tory Maguire Editor-in-chief, HuffPost Australia

I Almost Bought An Italian Vineyard, But I Bottled It

Buena Vista Images
At my desk at HuffPost, when the daily grind grinds or my boss yells at me to get a haircut, I often imagine a life of leisure in my wife’s fishing village, of buying a vineyard by the sea and making my very own Sauvignon Plonk. I call it the grape escape.

Chris Harrison Blog Editor, HuffPost Australia

I Left School Without Knowing How To Read Or Write

Getty Images/Moment Open
I attended school like most children, but for me something was not right. At primary school, teachers would say: "You’re not keeping up with the class". By the time I reached high school, I was completely illiterate; I couldn't even spell basic words like ‘bread’ and ‘milk’.

Mark Hopkins Melbourne-based husband, student and full-time worker in transport logistics

What It's Like In Solitary Confinement On Manus Island

Stringer/ Reuters
The captive refugees in Manus prison have witnessed too much violence and torture, but for them, the taste and intensity of violence and torture in the horrendous solitary confinements of Bravo, Chauka, The Green Zone and MAA, have been much more profound.

Behrouz Boochani Kurdish journalist and human rights defender currently held on Manus Island