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Democracy? Bah, Humbug...

Democracy can often fall far short of what a genuinely effective, representative political system should be. The trouble is that so far, no one has come up with anything better. I just hope that someone, somewhere, is working on it ...

Robin Lustig Journalist and broadcaster

Homeless Shelters Are Not Only For The Homeless

The definition of what it means to be homeless is much broader than many of us think. It includes not only people sleeping on the streets, but is a term which describes a number of living scenarios. The term encompasses anyone who involuntarily has no fixed address.

Nama Winston Recovering solicitor, who now just wants us all to be nicer to each other

You Can Defend Meanness, But Being Nice Is My Cup Of Tea

Getty Images/iStockphoto
About a week ago I read an excellent article by Penelope Blackmore in defense of being a little bit mean. It was excellent for a few reasons, but the main reason was that I disagreed with it profoundly while still finding her very, very convincing.

James Shackell Very nice freelance writer based in Melbourne

5 Things You Don't Need To Be Healthy

Unless you’re replacing your morning coffee with kale juice, dragging yourself out of bed at 5am for another punishing workout and spending your entire Sunday afternoon preparing food for the week, these days it can feel like you’re just not trying hard enough to be healthy. But that's not the case...

Skye Swaney Dietitian and Nutritionist

The Health Benefits Of Chocolate Are Sweet As

Getty Images
My late grandfather used to give me chocolate frogs when I was a little tacker. It earned him the nickname Grandpa Choc. He didn’t necessarily know the health benefits of chocolate, but he knew that giving me the occasional chocolate frog always brought a smile to my dial.

Joel Feren Accredited Practising Dietitian

Your Reason To Travel Doesn't Deserve A Guilt Trip

Getty Images
What baffles me the most is that people readily come up with reasons to travel like it’s a prerequisite. It’s not. If you want to trek mountains, experience traditional lifestyles and immerse yourself in culture, do it. If you want to go on a three-month booze cruise throughout Asia, go for it.

Michael Besley Outdoor leader, teacher, freelance writer and travel blogger

When A Man Snaps...

Stu Spence
This week's photions include how not to try your hand at scamming, Tim's wardrobe malfunction and a lonely streetlight.

When A Man Snaps Publisher of photions... photographs with captions

Democracy Is Damaged When Policy Can Be Bought

Paper Boat London
Stronger donations laws won't fix everything but they would be an excellent start towards cleaning up our democracy, and to ensuring that political parties are beholden to the public rather than rich patrons.

Lee Rhiannon Australian Greens Senator for New South Wales

To Prevent Terrorism, We Need To Challenge Male Violence

One of the most powerful moves we can make is to act upon male violence, through using our education systems to challenge the idea that violence is acceptable, taking violence against women seriously, and provided interventions for violent men to challenge their behaviour.

Deeyah Khan Emmy and Peabody award-winning documentary film director and CEO of production company Fuuse

I Pray No Australian Is Bullied For Their Religion

David McLain
Some politicians have mistakenly suggested that, in order to protect “our” culture and “our” way of life, the parliament should curtail the freedom of Australians to practise any religion that is not Christianity. As well as being offensive to around nine out of 20 Australians, such a restriction is contrary to our own Constitution.

Graham Perrett Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Shadow Attorney-General, and Member for Moreton

Let's Give A Hand To Mothers With Postnatal Depression

Getty Creative
Who wants to talk about postnatal depression? No one, because it's hideous. It's agonising and we feel humiliated and it's not something we want to make public. And that’s why we need to talk about it.

Julia Kerr Blogger, wife, mother and stay-at-home hero

What I Wish I'd Told The Lady Who Said 'You Shouldn't Be Parked There'

Design Pics/Steven Raniszewski
You represent my worst parking nightmare. Every time I park in a disabled space I fear judgement. Before opening the door I always survey who is watching. I then brace myself for the dirty looks, the sniggers and remarks. And today, you have delivered.

Teisha Rose Author of ‘Life Interrupted’, writes to impart confidence that it is possible to move beyond life’s interruptions

This Is Your Brain On Pokémon GO

Getty Images
Combining Google Maps and virtual reality, Pokémon GO uses real locations to encourage players to catch Pokémon with their phones. Using geolocation, a player’s smartphone vibrates when a Pokémon is in their vicinity... therein lies the key to its addictiveness.

Donna Lu Writer and editor

We Can Combat Terrorism Without Fighting It

Getty Images
No matter how well the state tries to prevent future attacks based on previous ones, no matter how well you will be searched at airports or before entering a stadium, if terrorists want to scare you off, they will find new innovative ways for doing so. But we can find equally innovative ways to deter and redirect people who would commit terrorist acts.