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Elizabeth Venzin Founder and CEO of The MindShift Foundation

How To Shut Down Your Social Media Addiction

Dean Belcher
If you find social media is making you feel worse about your own life, it's time to take those feelings seriously. You might not want to distance yourself entirely, so here are some tips to assist you in managing your mindset around social media.

Letting My Son Watch Sport Is Too Big A Gamble

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Bookie speak is totally normal these days due to betting company ads on telly during sporting broadcasts. Football is betting. Betting is football. The two are presented as intertwined strands of the same piece of rope. Kids get this message. And you can bet your life they take it in.

Anthony Sharwood Sports Editor, HuffPost Australia

The Honest Reason We Tell Lies

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We've all told numerous fibs, 'white' lies of convenience to defuse awkward situations, protect people, and spare the feelings of friends. But beneath all that, why do we really do it?

Katerina Cosgrove Novelist, obituary writer, cancer survivor

When A Man Snaps

Stu Spence
This week's three photions include a re-current dream, some smashed crockery and the world's smallest swimming pool.

When A Man Snaps Publisher of photions... photographs with captions

The Problem With Book Clubs

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An obligation to read is no kind of incentive to pick up a book, and it often has the opposite effect, rendering the intended reader incapable of turning off the television or logging off Facebook.

Fleur Morrison Reader, writer, blogger at www.readability.com.au

John Howard Deserved His Honorary Doctorate

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What is indeed deeply scandalous is that a man who, despite being liked by some and hated by others, and who led Australia by conscience and conviction, should be vilified in such a way.

Brad Emery Writer, blogger, dad

What 62 Years In The Doghouse Feels Like

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Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome. This is exactly what Doggies fans have done for 62 years.

Christopher Parker Doctor passionate about public health and the Western Bulldogs

Why the World Needs Joy Now

Robert Sorbo / Reuters
It is when, without thinking about it, you help someone who is less well off, when you are kind to someone else and do those things that raise others up, you end up being joyful.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Spiritual leader of the Tibetan people.

Desmond Tutu Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town

Coal Is The Real Culprit For The SA Storms

Andrew Meares/Fairfax
As South Australian emergency workers seek to restore order to a state battered by extreme weather and an energy system unable to cope, plunging 70000 people into darkness, we need to ask why the Australian government isn’t better prepared to deal with the type of extreme weather climate scientists have been warning of for years.

Paul Sinclair Campaign director at the Australian Conservation Foundation

Not All Young People Are Self-Obsessed

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The children I met won’t turn away from a problem, or dismiss a challenge as too hard. As well as looking out for others, they want to make a difference and have become advocates for causes they believe in.

Gabi Hollows Co-founder, The Fred Hollows Foundation

Science Is Being Bullied. It's Time We Stuck Up For It

Seth Sentry/Dear Science
Seth Sentry has a problem with science. It has, thus far, failed to provide him with a hoverboard. However, his gripes are pretty minimal when it comes to the barrage of blame that science, medicine and other reputable branches of investigation get from the Instafamous, celebrity chefs and so-called wellness warriors.

Dr Nikki Stamp Professional heart surgeon. Amateur writer

Are 'Natural' And 'Chemical-free' Always Best For Your Baby?

With the pharmacy shelf a noisy battleground of competing ideologies and brands fighting for your hard-earned dollars, shoppers are faced with a tide of misleading information and undeserved feelings of guilt and anxiety about choosing the right product for their families.

James Kennedy Chemistry teacher, author and blogger. Master of Arts in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge

Retreating From The World Is Wrong And Dangerous

Stringer . / Reuters
Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and Pauline Hanson walk into a bar... I'd like to finish that with a funny punchline, but the steady drumbeat of nationalism and nativism is no joke.

Tony Milne Director for Campaign for Australian Aid

Why Child's Play Is Good For Adults

Andrew Bret Wallis
In today’s busy and technologically driven society, it can be hard to unwind and relax. Yet, the continuing popularity of adult coloring books has shown that by doing something traditionally associated with children, we can truly switch off.

Jo Hartley Freelance writer for Open Colleges

The Government Has Divorced Itself From Responsibility on Same-Sex Marriage

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Despite the constant rhetoric from governments on needing to take tough decisions, it seems that sadly this decision -– where the lives and wellbeing of so many Australians could genuinely be at stake over a simple question of if we should all have the right to be treated equally with respect to marriage -- is just too tough for our Federal Government.

Alana Heffernan Associate in Employment and Industrial Law at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Domestic Violence Is Far More Than A Simple Story Of Good And Bad

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The brutal murdering of women by former partners in public spaces produced a sense of outrage, contributing to the national debate. Government funding announcements are now widely publicized, and political point-scoring is common. Domestic Violence is discussed on television programs and local radio stations. So why do the advances seem so few?

Josephine Browne Social welfare worker and writer

Do Circumcised Men Make Better Lovers?

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Male circumcision is one of the most hotly debated sexual health issues and has become a controversial procedure and divisive issue in the medical profession and on parenting forums, with passionate voices on both the pro-and anti-sides of the debate.

Matty Silver Relationship Counsellor and Sex Therapist.

The Plebiscite Offers A Chance For Robust Debate

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What is more important for Australians –- the process for achieving a policy outcome or delivering the outcome itself? I had cause to reflect on this point last week when I spoke in favour of the proposed same sex marriage plebiscite.

Linda Reynolds Senator for Western Australia