12 Stunning Photos That Prove There's No Such Thing As 'Men's Work'

20/12/2016 5:38 AM AEDT | Updated 21/12/2016 11:04 AM AEDT
Chris Crisman
Heather Marold Thomason; Butcher and Owner of Primal Supply Meats. Shot in Philadelphia PA. 

Commercial photographer Chris Crisman was very interested when he heard a friend of a friend had left her job as a web designer in New York City to become a butcher in Philadelphia. Crisman thought this woman would be an ideal subject for a portrait. 

So, the Pennsylvania-native went to Philly to shoot the woman, Heather Marold Thomason, in her butcher shop. 

“During our shoot, Heather, my producer Robert Luessen and I had some great conversations about women working in traditionally male-dominated fields,” Crisman told The Huffington Post. “From that conversation we thought that might make a good project or body of work.”

That’s how Crisman’s photo series “Women’s Work” was born. 

The series, which Crisman started this past February, features women from all around the country doing jobs that have been traditionally coded as male. “Women’s Work” includes a pig farmer from Pennsylvania, a lobster fisher from Maine and a firefighter from Ohio; all of whom happen to be women. 

Chris Crisman
Sadie Samuels is a Lobster Fisher fromRockport, ME.

Half of the images were taken in and around Philadelphia, and the other half were taken in Nevada, Maine and Ohio. Crisman said he found the subjects in random ways including personal connections and referrals from advertising contacts.

In an interview for photography website A Photo Editor, Crisman said that as a father of a 4-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl, he hopes this series challenges traditional gender norms.

“I was raised to believe that I could do whatever I wanted to when I grew up. I want to pass down a similar message to my children and without caveats,” Crisman said. “I want to raise my children knowing that their dreams have no limits and that they have parents supporting them to dive into anything they feel passionate about.” 

The one thing Crisman hopes young people, but women especially, take away from this series? “Gender should not determine professional opportunities,” he told HuffPost. 

Scroll down to see the rest of Crisman’s powerful “Women’s Work” series. 

  • Chris Crisman
    Mira Nakashima; Designer and Woodworker at George Nakashima Woodworking. Shot in New Hope, PA.
  • Chris Crisman
    Nancy Poli; Pig Farmer at Stryker Farms. Shot in Saylorsburg, PA.
  • Chris Crisman
    Carol Warn; Leach Pad Operator at Marigold Mining Company. Shot in Valmy, NV.
  • Chris Crisman
    Mindy Gabriel; Firefighter. Shot in Upper Arlington, OH. 
  • Chris Crisman
    Leeann Johnson; Haul Truck Driver at Round Mountain Gold Mine. Shot in Round Mountain, NV.
  • Chris Crisman
    Christina Burris; Brewer and Operations Manager at St. Benjamin’s Brewing. Shot in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Chris Crisman
    Alison Goldblum; Property Developer. Shot in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Chris Crisman
    Kris Alvarez; Senior Geologist at the Round Mountain Gold Mine. Shot in Nevada.
  • Chris Crisman
    Beth Beverly; Taxidermist. Shot in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Chris Crisman
    Jordan Ainsworth; Mill Operator at Round Mountain Gold Mine. Shot in Round Mountain, NV.

To see more of Crisman’s work head over to Instagram or his personal website

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