Family Surrenders Dog To Utah Shelter With A Heartbreaking Letter

19/02/2017 9:31 PM AEDT | Updated 21/02/2017 4:20 AM AEDT
Humane Society of Utah
The Humane Society of Utah created a graphic featuring Rhino Lightning with a few lines from the letter he was delivered with.

When Rhino Lightning’s family gave him to the Humane Society of Utah, they left him with a note in a spiral notebook written by a heartbroken kid.

He was my puppy,” the kid wrote of the 3-year-old dog. “I really hope he is in a good environment. I really miss him.”

Rhino’s previous owners had small children, and Rhino was large and fast enough to knock them down, according to The family was forced to give him up for adoption, but a child in the family was sad to see their friend go.

“The family told our receiving staff the notebook was written by one of their kids,” shelter spokesperson Guinnevere Shuster told “It was​ filled with information about Rhino for his new​ ​family​.”

The note explained that Rhino is a “striped dream” who doesn’t like water, snow or cats. The note’s author also requested that Rhino lives in a “safe house.”

“He is a really amazing puppy,” the note reads. “Rhino needs lots of attention and loves people.”

The note was a first for the shelter, DeAnn Shepherd, marketing director for the facility, told Fox 13. But it showed just how much the family’s kid loved the dog.

“It was very heartbreaking to see from his perspective, his relationship and friendship with this dog,” Shepherd told Fox 13. “But we hope that he sees the story and knows that his best friend is going to find a new home.”

The Humane Society of Utah called the author of the note a “brave young child who took the time to write these notes and recommendations.”

“Please remember, surrendering a pet is never an easy decision,” the shelter wrote on Facebook on Saturday. “But they are doing what is in the best interest of the pet.”

And if the note is any indication, Rhino’s previous family really cared about their dog.

Rhino will be put up for adoption on Sunday. If you want to bring him into your family, you can check out his adoption page here.

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