The Best Travel Instagrams For Inspiration, Tips And Photos

You’ve got vacation days — we’ve got an idea for how to use ‘em.

07/03/2017 9:53 PM AEDT | Updated 09/06/2017 7:03 AM AEST

These days, you don’t need to call a travel agent for interesting vacation ideas. You can just scroll Instagram

The social media platform is ripe with photos that inspire the jet-setter in all of us, from those who seek an action-packed adventure to others who need an all-inclusive deal and a mojito in each hand, thank you very much. 

Why flood your feed with travel inspo? Americans desperately need to take vacation, and research shows that the anticipation phase of a getaway can make you very, very happy. 

So look at the roundup below to inspire your next trip. And then book it

  • Kristin Luna, @lunaticatlarge
    Kristin Luna writes the travel blog Camels and Chocolate, and her Instagram account documents much of her adventures. Follow her Instagram for ideas to escape, and her website for the nitty-gritty details to plan your trip.
  • Sam Horine, @samhorine
    More than half a million people follow Sam Horine, a photographer from New York City. His account is a mix of photos taken in New York and more exotic locations such as Hawaii and Chile.
  • Melissa Hie, @girleatworld
    Melissa Hie doesn't like selfies or asking strangers to take her photo, so she found another way to document her trips: She takes an iPhone photo of what she's eating at each memorable site. The rest is history. Her blog, Girl Eat World, provides more helpful travel tips. 
  • Brooke Saward, @worldwanderlust
    Brooke Saward is a travel blogger and author of the book World of Wanderlust. Her Instagram account will make you want to book a flight immediately, and her website will tell you exactly how to do so. In a popular blog post titled "How I Saved (A Lot) Of Money To Travel The World," Saward is refreshingly honest.

    "I stopped paying $5 for coffee...I stopped meeting friends for dinner...I sold my car and hitched a ride to work each day," she wrote. "I was brutally economical. I wouldn’t use the lights during the day, would have shorter showers, and even charged my devices at work instead of at home. I was on a mission to save everywhere, all the time, on everything."
  • Oliver Vegas, @ovunno
    Oliver Vegas is a freelance photographer from Barcelona whose work takes him all over the world. Over 400,000 people join him on Instagram for this virtual trek, and we're one of them. His account features top-notch photography in places as far as the Great Barrier Reef, the beaches of Singapore and a desert sky in Jordan.
  • National Geographic Travel, @natgeotravel
    With 15.5 million followers, National Geographic is one of the leading Instagram accounts devoted to travel. The feed features award-winning photography that will stop you mid-scroll with images like fisherman at sea in Myanmar, the vibrant lakes of Switzerland and wandering wild bison in South Dakota.
  • Gabriela Mateus, @gmateus
    Gabriela Mateus travels continuously because "too long in the same place is boring." Follow her for photos from places such as Lisbon, France, Italy and Marrakesh, Morocco.
  • Matthew Karsten, @expertvagabond
    Adventure travel blogger and photographer Matthew Karsten is for those who are wild at heart. Karsten's account is raw and authentic, an intrepid backpacker's dream. Forget the Four Seasons -- he's sleeping in a lightweight tent in rural Afganistan or trekking next to an Icelandic pony.
  • Kiersten Rich, @theblondeabroad
    Kiersten Rich's Instagram isn't just there to inspire your next trip -- it's a reminder to live the life you truly love. Rich quit her corporate finance job to become a travel writer, on the go nine months out of year. Her Instagram s followed by 343,000 people.
  • Megan Jerrard, @mappingmegan
    Megan Jerrard's Instagram is an offshoot of her travel blog, Mapping Megan. Her social media is stocked with photos from locations as far-flung as the Australian utback and Antartica.
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