Pregnant Beyoncé Displays Growing Bump In Quirky Instagram Video

03/04/2017 8:11 PM AEST

Beyoncé latest snaps of her growing pregnancy bump has sparked theories from fans on the gender of her unborn twins.

The 35-year-old, who revealed in February 2017 she was expecting twins, shared a video featuring music with snaps of herself and her family.

She wore a blue dress that accentuated her bump and the background featured pink and purple floral images.

One of the images showed her five-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, hugging her bump. 

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Fans were convinced that the video aimed to give clues about the gender of the twins.

“Pink flowers, blue dress - yeah it must be boy and girl,” one fan commented.

Another wrote: “No that dress is purple, the flowers are pink, it’s all very girly so it’s definitely two girls.”

One person also wrote: “So many hints! Definitely a boy and a girl. I don’t even need to write them all out.”

And another commented: “Yes, boy and girl, blue and pink undertones.”

Others were simply in love with how flawless Beyoncé looked as a pregnant mama. 

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“Your body is insane,” a fan commented. “You look flawless Queen B, pregnancy suits you so much. Hope it is going well.”

Another wrote: “You are simply stunning and your maternity photos are beautiful. Beautiful bump, too.”

Whether she’s giving hints or not, we completely agree - she looks amazeballs.

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