Daniel Radcliffe's 'Harry Potter' Audition Is Pure Magic

We solemnly swear that this is hella good.

04/12/2015 1:35 AM AEDT | Updated 02/06/2017 11:26 AM AEST

You're an actor, Daniel.

Daniel Radcliffe was sent his original "Harry Potter" audition tape recently and reportedly found it a little hard to watch, but you'll probably be stupefied as to why. One of Radcliffe's audition tapes is flying around the Internet faster than a Nimbus 2000, and the future Boy Who Lived totally kills it. We're talking this audition is Avada Kedavra-level dead.

As if you need more proof magic exists, there's also a screen test floating around with the original trio talking about Nicolas Flamel and Snape's supposed evil plans. (Wow, we were all so naive.)

It might be time to make a real Sorcerer's Stone so we can watch these forever. 

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