Oprah Defends The Kardashians After Rebel Wilson Says She Resents Their Lack Of Talent

"People don’t understand that, people think, 'Oh, if a television camera’s just following you, then that’s just easy.'"

10/11/2015 5:59 AM AEDT | Updated 10/11/2015 5:59 AM AEDT

It's no secret that some people in Hollywood resent the amount of success the Kardashians have achieved and perceive the reality TV family as having "no talent."

Rebel Wilson was the latest in a long line of celebrities to take aim at the family, telling Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O that she refused to present an award at the MTV VMAs this past summer with Kylie and Kendall Jenner, because she's "against everything they stand for," and that, in her view, they're "not famous for talent."

It's an opinion that was previously voiced by Jon Hamm and Jonah Hill, among others, but the all-powerful Oprah Winfrey happens to disagree

"I interviewed the Kardashians two years ago and I couldn't believe how hard they work," Winfrey told those same Australian radio show hosts on Monday, referring to a 2012 interview between her and the family.


"People don’t understand that, people think, 'Oh, if a television camera’s just following you, then that’s just easy,'" Winfrey went on to say. "To really create a reality series that looks like something’s actually happening, it means you have to be on all the time."

The 61-year-old continued to defend the family by further explaining their impressive work ethic. 

"I went to film them as a family and I couldn’t believe how hard they worked. We were there for seven hours, and they were gonna tape another seven hours after I left. No matter who you are, that is work," she said. 

And if you're wondering, the admiration is mutual. Back in 2012, family matriarch and momager Kris Jenner tweeted that she had the "best day ever" with Oprah -- a sentiment she repeated on an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

Watch Oprah's interview with Kylie and Jackie O below. 

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