Plan Your Marriage, Not Just Your Wedding

Courtney Fletcher 24.09.2016
I think we need to be asking future brides -- and grooms! -- something different. We should be asking them the questions that might frighten them, the questions that could very well cause them to step into unchartered territory when it comes to their relationship.

If You Are A 24-Hour Woman, You Need To Stop The Clock

Kathy Parker 24.09.2016
We're tired of not taking an hour off. We're tired of striving to accomplish more than we can fit into each day. Tired of running our houses, running our businesses, raising our families, building our careers, and feeling the pressure to do it all with shaved legs, shaped eyebrows and three days a week at the gym.

When A Man Snaps...

When A Man Snaps 24.09.2016
This week's three photions include subliminal messages from a jealous partner, the sign at the gates of hell, and a photo finish at the duck races.

Fear Is Not A Sustainable Call To Action

Anne Aly 23.09.2016
Australia's immigration and border control policies were not developed in a climate of public confidence and support. Instead, the success of John Howard's hard line reconfiguration of Australian immigration rested on a deliberately executed campaign of fear.

Emoji All The People

Steve Williams 23.09.2016
It will be interesting to see where all this emoji business ends up. I suppose one day we will be reading online newspapers and magazines written in emoji form, though I suggest that will be when we are in our autonomous flying cars eating our food tablets.

How To Love Your Body

Cristy O'Brien 23.09.2016
For decades I had decided my freckles were ugly. My nose was too big, my legs too chunky and my tummy... OMG my tummy was f**king hideous. All these things combined made me disgusting. Gross. Unlovable and unable to succeed at anything.

There Is No Joy In The Same-Sex Marriage Plebiscite

Janet Rice 22.09.2016
There is no doubt that many want to argue their position against marriage equality in good faith, but a plebiscite -- especially one with a $7.5 million campaign megaphone -- would  give a licence for the cowards to target the LGBTIQ community.

Who Can Lead The UN?

The UN needs a brilliant, experienced and well tested leader. It also needs a good man, a compassionate and humble leader.

It's Cruel To Keep People Alive When They'd Prefer To Die

David Leyonhjelm 22.09.2016
Most people accept that painlessly ending the suffering of animals is an act of compassion. As a veterinarian I often had the decision to put an animal to sleep placed in my hands, because animals cannot give consent. Yet even when we give consent and beg for help, the law denies humans the same compassion.

Depression Is More Than Being Sad

It wasn't until I attended college that I realized depression wasn't just being sad all the time. As I began to realize and track my symptoms, I learned that my most intense symptom is lack of motivation. When my depression hits, there's no such thing as motivation anymore. It's instant, and I do not get a say.