Gun Safety Ticket Marks New Era In U.S. Politics

For the Clinton-Kaine ticket, saving lives from gun violence is a winning issue. And this new calculus amounts to nothing less than a sea change in how candidates talk about gun safety on the campaign trail.

Sex-Testing Female Athletes Has Nothing To Do With Fairness

The International Olympic Committee has decided that one single determining factor, testosterone, is the latest and greatest marker for determining sex, even though research has shown there is no one single element than can be used to pigeonhole the world into two neat biological categories: male/female. This binary is an easy fiction that obscures the messier and more complicated details of real life.

The Striking Similarities Between Trump And Emperor Palpatine

How does a man like Palpatine manage to get elected president of the Republic? As described by George Lucas and Alan Dean Foster in the novel version of Star Wars: A New Hope, “He promised to reunite the disaffected among the people and to restore the remembered glory of the Republic.”

My Post-Baby Body Doesn't Feel Like It Belongs To Me

I can't pretend to love the body this has become. I love the child it bore. I am fascinated by everything it did for my baby when she was within and when she came out. I am still amazed by how much weight my knees bore in the last trimester and how heavy a load my arms can bear now. I am in awe of this body. But I don't love being in it.

How Kim Kardashian Made Me Face My Own Internalised Misogyny

I’m not a woman hater by any means. For much of my adulthood, I sided with feminists. But when the name “Kim Kardashian” came up, I freaked out. “She’s a slut!” “She’s desperate for attention!” “She’s getting fat!” Those were just some of the thoughts I expressed to friends and colleagues over the years.

Democracy? Bah, Humbug...

Democracy can often fall far short of what a genuinely effective, representative political system should be. The trouble is that so far, no one has come up with anything better. I just hope that someone, somewhere, is working on it ...